Henk Ferdinant VAN DER KROON - FECC

"Chinary" are the magic of Bulgarian dance"

Rex Burdette

Director of SDC World-Fest - USA, Director of the World Music Events - U.S. Chairman of the Finance Committee of CIOFF - "Chinary" are excellent ambassadors of Bulgaria"

Jean Roche

Head of Sector "Eastern Europe" at UNECKO and CIOFF - "Chinary" are a celebration of youth and beauty and triumph of professionalism "

Stiliyan Ivanov

director 2007 - "Chinary" are professionals. With limited resources of time and the absence of any musical diversity, they manage to create attractive and memorable dance combinations. He also worked 13 years ago with the artistic director of the ensemble, I was sure Asen Pavlov not only transcend the framework of folk prints, but also create their own dance style. I wish them to create theater "Chinar" to synthesize music, song, dance, light and costumes. Success!

Stefan Mushatov

TV director 2007. - "To know ensemble" Chinary "is not enough to enjoy their performances on stage or TV screen. Their true qualities are revealed in our work. Recently I had an opportunity judgment and I was very impressed by the professionalism, accountability and rigor in carrying out their tasks. And these tasks were varied, not always mild, often sudden, requiring instant reaction and changing weekly. The achievement of the manager and choreographer Asen Pavlov is the selection and bonding agents such qualities to build a perfect ensemble with broad talent.'m confident in the future of Chinari and happy to work with them. "

Nikolay Aprilov

producer and director 2007. - "When my creative projects required to solve problems in which dance and the artistic expression are essential for the artistic message.It invariably seek the partnership of the ensemble" Chinary ". Founder of the troupe and her choreographer Asen Pavlov speaks with ease dance vocabulary, thinks contemporary and motivated the dancers to inspire excellence. Asen Pavlov knows perfectly well the nature of Bulgarian folk dance and the rich variety of world music and rhythmic dance styles. His artistic imagination sees dance "dressed" with the inherent content costumes, accessories, decorations and props. "