To talk again about what is useful teaching dance to children is unnecessary. This topic has been discussed many times and ultimately if you decided your child to dance - Ensemble CHINARY is the best choice for you!


If you dance from child and Bulgarian dance is not just a hobby, but has become an integral part of you, here's a great way to upgrade your dancing skills with under the lead of some of the best choreographers and dancers in Bulgaria - the dancers of CHINAY graduates the National School of Dance art - Sofia!


Everyone is welcome in the ensemble at the Technical University of Sofia! Come have fun dancing together! Rehearsals for students of TU are free and are held every Monday and Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00 pm at the Sports Centre, Faculty of Studentski grad.


It is proved that dance is best - anstistres medicine! It has been shown that dance is socially useful and brings people together! It has been shown that the tradition is a way to preserve the past and to have a bright future! Everything else is ... clear! Welcome to Dance Club "Let’s dance!"